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Retford Deutschland Papierfabrik Lunzenau GmbH & C...[Germany]
The Lunzenau Paper Mill goes back to year 1885 when the mill was founded on the ...
main product:
Vedamax [Germany]
We are a company in southern Germany. Our buisness are healthcare products, conn...
main product:
OWK [Germany]
We are german exporters for generators and power-units up to 120 Megawatt , airc...
main product:
Uzbekengilsanoat International [Germany]
We own over 100 spinning and weaving mills producing 250,000 tons of cotton yarn...
main product:
RFT Export & Import [Germany]
RFT Export& Import is a trading company specialized on diverse Brazilian product...
main product:
Julius Boos jr. GmbH & Co. KG[Germany]
These special skills are why BOOS TEXTILE ELASTICS are now in such global demand...
main product:
Company directory covering the textile and textile machinery industry. Search fo...
main product:
Germany Weitulan Textile Glass Company Vitrulan[Germany]
Specialist products are manufactured by Vitrulan for a large number of different...
main product:
Amini Brothers Company[Germany]
Amini Brothers Company, kurz ABC, wurde 1962 in Kabul gegrĘ╣ndet. Viele Jahre ha...
main product:rug
We are a trading company based in Germany. Our main products are home textiles, ...
main product:carpets, doormats, bathmats
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